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validates learning and provides a third-party, globally recognized credential to help institutions obtain better funding and give learners the confidence to GO FURTHER in any career path.


Assess students’ current skill level with IC3 Fast Track

Teach digital literacy with the help of Certiport approved courseware

Familiarize students with the testing environment with practice tests

Deliver the IC3 exams from your local testing lab

Encourage students to promote themselves with digital badging

Empower your students with further certifications

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IC3 Fast Track is a skills assessment used to gauge the skill set of incoming students or job candidates.

Certiport offers many types of courseware and curriculum and can match your program with the right products based on classroom size, needs and budget.

One Certiport partner, LearnKey, offers online video-based e-courses.
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GMetrix Practice Tests prepare students for successful certification outcomes with the following features:

  • Maps to IC3 exam objectives
  • Two modes: Testing and Training
  • Accessible remotely
  • Detailed, printable score reports
  • Online dashboards for individuals and administrator
  • Question bank for customized practice tests

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To certify, candidates must pass each of the following three exams (in any order):

Computing Fundamentals

Foundational understanding of computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals, and troubleshooting

50 questions
50-minute time limit

Living Online

Familiarity with the most common features of spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation applications and "app culture"

50 questions
50-minute time limit

Key Applications

Skills to use the Internet or work in a networked environment and maximize communication, education, collaboration, and social interactions in a safe and ethical way

45 questions
50-minute time limit

Exams make use of the latest testing technologies, including the integration of both performance-based and knowledge-based testing. Global Standard 5 (GS5) reflects the most current and relevant digital literacy skills.

Digital badging with Acclaim
empowers students to broadcast their abilities and do quick online searches for current job listings that require the skills validated by the certification!


Validated digital literacy skills set candidates apart in the workforce. IC3 certification is the ideal benchmark for college applications and every career pathway.

Well, everywhere. IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is globally recognized.

...and many, many more!