Urgent Action Required - Mandatory Certiport Authorized Test Center Agreement Renewal

North American Test Centers:

All Certiport Authorized Test Center’s (CATC) located in the United States wishing to deliver exams after January 31, 2018, must renew their CATC Agreement. For further explanation please read below.

At Certiport, we are consistently improving our products, services, and procedures and policies to address data privacy and protection requirements relating to information security and compliance with current Federal and State data privacy and protection laws.

As such, and at the request of our clients, Certiport has agreed to follow the Student Privacy Pledge principles to enhance transparency to the Student community around Certiport's use of student data and to continue to monitor trends in student data privacy regulations. By committing to comply with the Student Privacy Pledge principles, Certiport has agreed on a code of conduct for how data collected from our Certiport Authorized Test Centers (CATC) can and cannot be used according to the Student Privacy Pledge principles.

Certiport is committed to the Student Privacy Pledge principles. As a result, CATC’s will also need to remain compliant and therefore the CATC Agreement has been updated to include, your CATC's commitment to the Student Privacy Pledge principles, the collection of parental consent forms for all individuals under the age of 18 as well as updates related to compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Accounts that have not renewed their agreement by January 31, 2018 will have their ability to deliver exams suspended, and will need to contact their Certiport representative for reactivation.